The Nicest Present For A Little One

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Playing football with just an empty bottle and a single goalie, running around in circles around the park and stealing grapes from the neighbor’s vineyard, it all seems like it happened just the other day. Moreover, the marks I drew on a door while I kept on growing are on the same page. The sad truth is that life happened to make me leave it all behind. I would very much love to have access to those marks, although it is impossible. If only I had some sort of chart.
What kind of chart?
Wooden ruler growth charts come in a myriad of versions, but they all have certain common characteristics. They are obviously made of many types of wood (doesn’t really matter) and have several parallel marks on their full height. The common span is of 1.85 meters. They are fundamentally big rulers which you are able to hang on one of the walls of your home.
This item has the emotional effect of a photo album, taking us by the hand and walking us down memory lane, the lane which seems so close when we infinitely gaze into the horizon sometimes. It can bring back that warm cozy feeling that we all felt while visiting grandma. I remember mine giving me all sorts of cookies and apple pie. To this day, it is the single best apple pie that I ever ate. And I don’t think it is because of some special ingredient but thanks to her loving hands making that cake.
You can consider this growth chart a free ticket for your grown up child to a rollercoaster of potent nostalgic feelings and provide them with the same idea for their own offspring, promoting this bonding experience between generations, and you wouldn’t be far off at all.
Moreover, it doesn’t eat up that much space anyway. You don’t even have to keep it around the house if it’s not useful anymore. Just put it in a storage room or in the basement. One day, someone will run into it when trying to put things in order and the emotional impact will be more breathtaking as a greater amount of time passes. And time does fly by.
Maybe you think that I am exaggerating if you’re not into these things as much as I am, or that I’m undermining this whole thing if you find it additionally interesting, but I’m sure that it will most certainly have an impact, to whatever degree. This and much more is a good enough reason to add such a chart to your home’s decoration.